RF Switches and System Components

Silver Palm Technologies specializes in the development of high-performance SIGINT tuners and receivers. These products provide excellent performance at a very affordable price. The product line offers various features and packaging that will accommodate diverse requirements.
SP-1394 20 MHz-6 GHz Mast-Mount Tuner/Digitizer
SP-2312 20-500 MHz RF Switch
SP-2313 20-3000 MHz RF Switch
SP-2314 20-1000 MHz RF Switch
SP-4206 0.3-3000 MHz 16-to-1 Switch
SP-4207 0.5-300 MHz 4×8 RF Switch
SP-4208 0.5-300 MHz 4×8 RF Switch with Display
SP-4301 450-3000 MHz 4×8 RF Switch
SP-4302 450-3000 MHz 4×8 Switch with Display
SP-4303 50 MHz-2 GHz SDR Tx/Rx Switch
SP-4304 20-3000 MHz 4×8 RF Switch
SP-4305 20-3000 MHz 4×8 RF Switch with Display
SP-4306 20-6000 MHz 4×8 RF Switch
SP-4307 20-6000 MHz 4×8 RF Switch with Display
SP-4342 20-6000 MHz 2×4 RF Switch
SP-4401 500-800 MHz Distribution Box