• Software-Definable Radio Solutions

    Products include highly integrated transceivers and receivers as well as supporting hardware, such as transmit/receiver switches and highly linear LNAs.

  • Flexible RF/IF Distribution Products

    Flexible RF/IF distribution products range from highly specialized custom components to off-the-shelf solutions to meet all of your system needs.

  • Digital IF Processing

    Products integrate with existing receiver and tuner assets to convert analog IF-based systems to a modern 10GE digital IF format.

Silver Palm Technologies offers engineering expertise from RF antenna through signal processing and systems software.

High Performance Receivers

Silver Palm Technologies is a leader in high-performance SIGINT receivers. Our products offer top performance at very affordable prices.

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Flexible RF/IF Distribution Products

Silver Palm Technologies offers customs and off-the-shelf RF and IF switches and distributions. Products support beamforming and DF applications.

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Digital IF

Silver Palm Technologies' products support next-generation system architectures, including VITA-49 standards and 10-gigabit Ethernet.

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