Silver Palm Technologies' Products

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RF Switches, Amplifiers, and Distributions

High performance 0.5 MHz to 6 GHz RF signal condition. These products operate between the antennas and receivers to amplify, filter, and distribute signals prior to collection and analysis. They incorporate all of Silver Palm’s RF expertise to deliver signals of interest with the greatest integrity possible.

Receivers, Transceivers, and SDRs

Highly integrated receivers and transceivers that operate from 20 MHz to 6 GHz. True hetrodyne performance at affordable prices, industry-standard VITA-49 output data streams over 10GigE, PCIe, and AURORA interfaces, digital filters, re-samplers, and support for user demodulators and algorithms.

Integrated Systems and System Components

All of our engineering expertise condensed into a single chassis, as well as the components that make these products so unique. These systems are extremely capable, versatile, and packaged to be field-ready.