Custom SIGINT Solutions

At Silver Palm Technologies, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with quick-turnaround, custom radio-frequency solutions. New technology and evolving requirements bring about nearly constant opportunities to expand our product line, improve existing products, and increase our engineering expertise. With a low overhead business model, we keep initial prices down and allow for low-volume builds. We specialize in replacing legacy products, system packaging, and RF and digital solutions. Email today to see what we can do for you.

Replacing Legacy Products

SIGINT systems can last decades, but not all equipment is created equal. When a component is at the end of its lifetime, but the system must live on, let us design a modern equivalent. The SP-8385 is an example of a modern software-definable radio configured to replace a legacy receiver. While it was built for a specific legacy specification, the underlying hardware is extremely versatile and could be adapted to many different applications.

  • 30 MHz to 6 GHz high-performance RF of the standard SP-8383
  • Automatic gain-controlled 21.4  MHz IF output at 4 MHz wide and switchable AM, FM, and LOG detection modes to match the legacy specs
  • Streaming FFTs, Ethernet port controller interface, and the flexibility of a modern FPGA and ARM controller for modern capabilities


Custom Packaging

Need our products out in the elements? Silver Palm has developed expertise in building products to many different environmental standards. We have deployed pole mount as well as airborne and shipborne units. The SP-1394 is a mast-mount frame housing a SP-4342 RF Switch and SP-1342 Quad Tuner Digitizer.

  • Two RF inputs for distribution between four 20 MHz–6 GHz tuners
  • 40 MHz-wide IF over 10 GigE LC fiber interface
  • 10/100 LC Fiber Ethernet system control
  • 15" × 13" × 8" NEMA 3R enclosure with cooling fan
  • 90-250 VAC or 24 VDC power input
  • Integrated surge protectors

RF Solutions

With industry-leading expertise, RF solutions are Silver Palm's strong suit. High-quality RF preselection, filtering, and amplification are the difference between finding your target and losing it in the noise. When industry-leading components do not meet the performance specifications required by our products, we choose to build our own. The SP-4710 8-Way Multicoupler is a simple standout product in this category.

  • Implemented with a high-dynamic range amplifier and an 8-way power splitter
  • 20 MHz to 4 GHz, 2.5 dB Gain, 4 dB Noise Figure, +31 dBm OIP3, +50 dBm OIP2
  • 5 VDC at 350 mA
  • Ruggedized aluminum enclosure

Digital Solutions

A modern radio interfaces directly to a computer. Much of digital engineering in the SIGINT environment is the ability to be flexible and compliant with the various ways customers want their data. Nearly all of our products support simple mnemonic command and control and VITA-49 data packetizing. The hardware interfaces we have supported range from RS-232 serial to dual SFP+ 10GigE. The SP-8304 is an example of a high-performance RF front end paired with a flexible digital interface.

  • Available in various flavors: PCIe, mini-PCIe, USB, Thunderbolt 2/3, and NUVIS computer integrated
  • FPGA-based DMA data transfer
  • Four 300 MHz to 4 GHz RF tuners with 20 MHz bandwidth per channel
  • GPS-based time tagging