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Silver Palm Technologies is a wireless engineering company that specializes in high quality products, custom services, and quick-reaction solutions that support radio frequency and microwave distribution, signal conditioning, down and up conversion, and signal processing.

SP-8344 Quad VPX Tuner, Digital IF Output

A modular conduction-cooled 3U VPX quad-tuner that includes four 20 MHz to 6 GHz tuners and a four-channel, 250 Msps IF digitizer. Onboard FPGA is capable of providing eight 40 MHz digitized channels on the Aurora interface in real-time. It includes an internal GPS-stabilized 10 MHz reference and an Ethernet interface for control of the tuners and digitizer.

SP-4342 2x4 Nonblocking RF Switch

Ideal for use in systems with low-noise amplifiers, this switch provides excellent intermodulation and noise performance from 20 MHz to 6 GHz. Each RF input is routed through a high dynamic range proprietary-balanced amplifier and then through a four-way splitter. Overall gain is kept around 0 dB for optimal system performance.

WB-1304 Software Definable Transceiver

A compact, highly integrated, and customizable software-definable transceiver system. Supporting integration of the Analog Devices 70-6000 MHz ADRV9361 SOM, 4 watt power amplifier, GPS receiver, and rechargeable batteries into a 9.44" x 7.8" x 4.29" Pelican Storm case.

SP-4306 4×8 RF Switch

The SP-4306 is a 4×8 nonblocking antenna switch unit with four inputs and eight outputs. Each input can be configured to support 20–3000 MHz or 800–6000 MHz. The unit is a 1U-full-rack chassis with Ethernet 10/100 Base-T control.

SP-8318 V/UHF Tuner

The SP-8318 is a VHF/UHF tuner that offers excellent performance at an economical price. The SP-8318 is compact with an overall size of only 3"×5.44"×.6", excluding connectors. The tuning range is from 20 MHz to 8 GHz with a direct digitization bypass for HF coverage. The SP-8318 includes high-performance preselectors covering the full tuning range for optimal RF performance.

SP-1342 Quad Tuner, Digital IF Output

A modular quad-tuner unit that includes four 20 MHz to 6 GHz tuners along side a four-channel IF digitizer capable of streaming 40 MHz bandwidth from each channel. Data is output in VITA-49 packets over the 10GigE interface implemented with a SFP+ site.

SP-8383 Miniature VHF/UHF Tuner

A high-performance VHF/UHF miniature tuner in a 3" × 5" × .6" module. Coverage is from 20-6000 MHz using a high-performance heterodyne conversion architecture. The tuner supports a 70 MHz IF with selectable bandwidths up to 40 MHz. It is powered by a single 9-16V DC input, controlled by either USB or RS-232 interfaces.

SP-4711-2 Dual-Channel Low-Noise Amplifier

This pole-mount LNA supports the 230-390 MHz, 390-660 MHz, 700-1000 MHz, and 1700-2700 MHz frequency bands. A high-performance diplexer is used to filter the high band and one of the three low bands. Independent gain adjustment is available for each channel path.

SP-8304 Four-Channel Thunderbolt 3 Receiver

A compact multichannel receiver covering 300 to 4000 MHz. Each receiver has a 20 MHz bandwidth providing up to 80 MHz of instantaneous coverage. The data is packetized per VITA-49 standards and made available over PCIe via Thunderbolt.

SP-4708/09/10 High Performance Multicouplers

Incorporating a high dynamic range amplifier and broadband power splitters to implement two-, four-, and eight-way multicouplers covering 20–3000 MHz. Tightly packaged in a ruggedized aluminum enclosure and operating off of +5 VDC.

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Our products cover high frequency (HF) through super high frequency (SHF) and include radio frequency (RF) distributions, non-blocking switches, receivers, software-definable radios, tuners, upconverters, and wideband digitizers. We specialize in airborne, shipboard, pole-mount, and low size, weight, and power (SWaP) applications.

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