Silver Palm Technologies offers top quality engineering and program management services. With our employees averaging over 25 years of experience in technical and managerial positions, we offer quality support in the areas of:

  • ServicesImage1Concept development
  • Requirements analysis
  • Systems modeling
  • Proposal and specification support
  • Algorithm development
  • System design, integration, testing, and low volume production
  • Product verification
  • Technical/program management.

While Silver Palm Technologies supports diverse areas of signals intelligence (SIGINT) engineering, the following topics present an example of the areas where Silver Palm Technologies is currently involved in the following:

  • Custom SIGINT Solutions—Products and services to support radio frequency distribution, signal conditioning, down conversion, and signal processing.
  • Near-Field Exploitation of Wireless Networks—Approaches to address emerging threats of low power wireless networks.
  • Integrated Geolocation Solutions—Integration of received signal strength indication (RSSI), time difference of arrival (TDOA), and direction finding (DF) for optimal DF performance.
  • Implementation of Commercial Hardware Solutions—Use of low-cost commercial hardware to solve SIGINT problems.