Equipment Frame With Digital IF Output, 4/8-Pack V/UHF Tuners

The SP-1383 is a 1U rack-mount frame that holds one to four SP-83xx VHF/UHF tuners and includes a four-tuner digitizer. The SP-1383-1 configuration adds a second digitizer, supporting up to four more tuners.

The SP-1383 can be dynamically configured for phase-coherent (SP-8318s or SP-8322s tuners required) or fully independent operations by individual tuner. The SP-1383 supports the LO synchronization capabilities of the SP-8318/SP-8322 tuners. This allows the user application to determine which (up to 8) tuners are used for phase-coherent groups versus independent tuners. Any tuners not assigned to a phase-coherent group may be used for independent operations.


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